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Least squares regularized or constrained by L0: relationship between their global minimizers invited speaker SIAM Minisymposium on Trends in the Mathematics of Signal Processing and Imaging Joint Mathematics Meetings 2016, Seattle (abstract) (slides)

Image reconstruction from linear attenuating operators invited talk Image restoration: new algorithms and new applications - Part II of III, The 8th International Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics (ICIAM 15) (slides)

Inverse Modelling in Inverse Problems using Optimization” –Tutorial 5 hrs, Summer School 2014: Inverse Problems and Image Processing, Institute of Applied Physics and Computational Mathematics, Old yard, 14-17 July, Beijing,China: (abstract) (lectures)


"Non Convex Minimization using Convex Relaxation. Some Hints to Formulate Equivalent Convex Energies", (mini-tutorial) in

"Graph Cut, Convex Relaxation and Continuous Max-flow Problems" with E. Bae and X.C. Tai, SIAM Conf. on Imaging Science, Hong Kong 2014


Fast Hue and Range Preserving Histogram Specification: Theory and New Algorithms for Color Image Enhancement Invited Speaker Optimization in Image Processing, University of Macau 2014 (slides)


Inverse Modelling using Optimization” – 3 Tutorials, IPAM Graduate Summer School: Computer Vision, UCLA, Los Angeles, July 2013: abstract, Part I  Part II  Part III

“ℓ1 - Concave versus 1 – TV energies: Questions and challenges”, Invited Speaker, Convex Relaxation Methods for Geometric Problems in Scientific Computing", Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics (IPAM), UCLA, Los Angeles, February 2013 (slides)

“ℓ1 Data Fidelity with Concave Regularization: Challenges”, Invited Speaker, International Conference on Imaging Science 2012 (in honor of Professor Stanley Osher at his 70th birthday), December 2012, Hong Kong (slides)

MATHEMAICS IN IMAGING (Inverse modelling to solve imaging tasks using optimization)”, Plenary Talk, Annual Meeting of the German Mathematical Society (DMV) 2012  (abstract) (slides)

“Fast dejittering for digital video images using local non-smooth and non-convex functionals”, Imaging with Modulated/Incomplete Data (SFB Workshop), July 2010, Graz Austria (slides)

Qualitative features of the minimizers of energies and implications on modelling”, Invited Plenary Speaker, SIAM Conference on Imaging Science 2008  (abstract)  (slides)

Average performance of the sparsest approximation in terms of an orthogonal basis”, Invited Speaker, Rencontre: Approximation, modélisation géométrique et applications, Lumini 2008   (slides)

“Average performance of the sparsest approximation using a general dictionary”, Mathematical and Algorithmical Challenges for Modeling and Analyzing Modern Data Sets, 21-25 April 2008 HKBU - Hong Kong (slides)

"What Energy to Minimize?" – tutorial EUSIPCO 2007  (slides)

"Counter-examples for Bayesian MAP restoration", Variational and PDE Level Set Methods, September 1st - 3rd, 2006, Obergurgl, Austria (slides)

"Recovery of edges in signals and images by minimizing nonconvex regularized least-squares"-
Mathematical Image Analysis and Processing, Banff Research Station, Octobre 2004 (slides)

... among others...